Going Native in the Backyard

A big highlight of our summer so far has been watching our backyard grow into a native landscape. My husband’s new hobby is yard work and the process started right after our little girl was born. He actually was going to till up the backyard the same day she was born, but luckily decided to wait until the next weekend.

We ordered a variety of native grass mixes from Native American Seed, a great company located in Junction, Texas and set out a plan to get the seeds in the ground and take advantage of the large amount of rain in the forecast.

The first step was to till the entire backyard, which turned it into a construction site for a few days.

Then, the seeds were sown across the dirt and on the days it didn’t rain, the sprinkler was turned on. The trucks also got a washdown every day.


In just a few short weeks, the grass started coming up and we had a beautiful new native approved lawn!

Photo Jun 30, 6 56 51 AM

It was such a success, plans are underway for the front yard!


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