Outside Mama loves to camp and sleep out under the stars. She wanted to start camping with BW, but thought she would take baby steps and try it out first in the backyard. Turns out she needs to take even smaller steps for a successful camping trip. Lessons learned – Mama needs a new tent, bug spray is a must and don’t mix parts of tents together!tent 3

Disclaimer: Outside Mama loves to be outside, but doesn’t always have it all together in the outdoor survival skills department. This may be more of a what not to do blog rather than a step by step, here’s out to do it, follow my lead blog.

Since it’s cooling down here in Austin, I thought I’d give camping with BW a try. Daddy’s out of town so we needed some entertainment – why not put the tent up and have a campout? I had the flashlights and sleeping bags all ready, but first, needed to put the tent up. Well, we have at least three (or pieces of three) tents, so I should have been set to go….

Here’s the start…

temt 1and here’s as far as we got….

tent 4I could have tried to put the tent up better, except for the swarm of mosquitoes…yes, apparently there are still mosquitoes out in October. Even if I had figured out the right pieces of the tent, we were too covered in mosquito bites to sleep outside – back inside for the air conditioning and Benadryl for the night. Spray or stay inside….

It’s a good thing Mama’s birthday is coming up soon, I think a new tent is on the list…I’d love one of these range teepees from Big Bend Saddlery...

We’ll wait until November to try again…stay tuned….

In the meantime, let me hear your camping disaster or success stories. What do I need to make my next time a super fun campout?


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