It’s Cold Outside….

Ya’ll, it is cold out there, way too cold for mama to get outside.

Before BW, my favorite cold weather activity was to bundle up, stand by a fire and drink a little whiskey. While I still do that every now and then, I’m finding new ways to spend time on cold days. On some cold and rainy days, we sit inside and watch Thomas the Train and the Blue Mountain Mystery over and over again. Although Netflix is the best $10 I spend every month, we have to take a break from it, we both get grumpy after sitting for too long.  So what’s a momma to do, especially since I’ve never been very crafty?

My solution – Super fun 30 minute clean crafts! These are the only types of crafts I tackle – easy to do, easy to clean up and usually have some type of use or have ingredients that are found around the house.

For this cold day, we made birdseed cookie cutter bird feeders. Thank goodness for the internet for inspiration.

After I quickly blended unflavored gelatin with birdseed, BW had fun filling cookie cutters with birdseed.

Bird seed ornaments 2Making bird seed ornaments 1

Thanks to my friendly neighborhood HEB, we made Texas themed feeders – a star, Texas and a donkey.Bird seed ornaments

The next day after they dried, we ran out into the cold to hang them up for the birds. Apparently, only the squirrels ate them this time, so we’ll have to make them again for the birds when it is a little warmer.

Waiting for the birds

Bird seed and gelatin is genius – I even used it to make birdseed eggs to hide for the birds at Easter. Stay tuned for these again in a few months…

If you have ideas for indoor fun, please share or give me ideas for outside kid-friendly fun when it is cold outside.  Ya’ll stay warm!


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