Lazy Summer Days

Usually our summers are spent playing in the beautiful rivers of the Hill Country. From the Pedernales to the Medina, we have many hours of memories sitting in the sunshine and bathing in the minerals of these special rivers. This year, with so much spring and summer rain in Texas, flooded rivers and cooler temperatures have kept us away from our summertime go to activity. We’ve been looking for other options to spend our time.Jumping

Unexpectedly we found ourselves with a new toy, a trampoline in our backyard. Thanks to our friends who were moving into a new house and didn’t have room for it, we now have a full size trampoline to fill our days.Outside

BW loves jumping and dancing on it while listening to our neighbors music floating across the fence. From first thing before breakfast to last thing before bed, this is hours of summer fun. It so reminds me of the long afternoons I spent when I was 8 years old jumping with the neighbor kids on their trampoline. There were no safety nets or adult supervision involved and our favorite thing to do was to jump on the trampoline with the sprinkler spraying on it. There is not much more fun in the backyard than a wet trampoline to slip and slide on.

There is something special about time at the end of the day on a trampoline. As one of my friends told me, she and one of her friends solved all the world’s problems at 12 years old looking up at the stars from their trampoline.Treeview.JPG

Looking up at the sky this summer from our trampoline we’ve already watched the wind dance through the trees, seen dragons in the clouds and frightened away scary monsters. One of the best days yet was playing on the trampoline followed by aswim in the neighborhood pool and then a long nap. Does a lazy day of summer get any better than that?River

We finally did make it to the river, a short dip in the Llano river at the Castell crossing followed by steaks at the Castell General Store with the cousins. Another unforgettable lazy summer day.Castell


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