38 Things for My 38th Year

This week I’m starting another year on this beautiful whirling planet of ours and I’m trying something new. My good friend Kate shared with me that at each birthday she makes a list of things to do or learn that year with the number of activities coinciding with her age. So this year, I’ll do 38 cool and interesting things for my 38th year.

In looking at my list, most of them are outside related activities, actually the majority of them are. I just checked off one of them on the list this past weekend, kayaking on the Trinity River, technically a little early before my birthday, but close enough. With my birthday around the holidays, I never really focus right on the day, it is always about the extended weekend of celebration.

The focus of many of the outside activities on the list is figuring out how to do more outdoor adventure with the kids. After reading inspiring stories of families through hiking the Appalachian Trail, I thought, what would a similar trek look like for us? In Texas, the longest thru hiking trail is the Lone Star Trail, around 100 miles through the Piney Woods of East Texas. Strong hikers can thru hike in about a week and in the fall you have to wear orange to keep your self safe during hunting season. Could I do this hike with the kids? I brought the idea up at breakfast one morning and the discussion was – that’s a long way to go, literally and figuratively.

I can’t just jump on the trailhead with the kids tomorrow and make our way through the woods, I probably wouldn’t last more than half a day. There are logistics, gear and diapers to contend with. Lill is pretty good at hiking, but will she stay in the hiking backpack or not run off into the poison ivy? How do I make sure we have enough clean water? I’m pretty much a newbie at much of this adventure fun, but I’m going to start the learning journey this year. I’ll update on the blog along the way and share our stories of adventure, from navigating potty training on the trail to figuring out the light weight gear that will travel better than the bedroll I camp in now (ya’ll I love my bedroll, I feel like I am sleeping under the stars in the middle of the range when I use it).

Part of getting on the trail is trying something new and out of my comfort zone – my list of 38 things for the year is full of new things to try. We may not be ready to do the whole thru hike adventure this year, but we will make progress down the trail along the way. From a full day hike to multiple night camping trips, this year will be full of adventure.


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