A Brand New Year for Adventure and Connection

My favorite way to begin a New Year is waking up in the country. Somewhere out of town where the fresh air blows in through the tent or across the porch of a small cabin in some rural area away from the city lights is the best start to the year. It’s especially good when the new year is rung in the night before by the lights of the star lit sky or the white lights strung across the honky tonk dance floor. From Bandera to Big Bend, we’ve had many of these memorable kickoffs to the year.

On some years though, we travel so much over the holidays to visit family, we end up staying home for the turn of the year. Regardless of where we are, the past few years, I’ve embraced the tradition of a First Day Hike. This year was my third year to get out on the first day of the year to get a little hike in. This initiative started in 1992 at Blue Hills Reservation State Park in Massachusetts and expanded to all 50 states in 2012. This year the hiking movement went international with a hike in Canada! I thought it was cold out in Texas, but can’t imagine the hike way up north. Colder than the polar bear plunge at Barton Springs for sure.

Getting on the trail, even if for a short hike, is a great way to get the kids out running around in nature and recover from the night before if you happen to enjoy the bubbly a little much. This year I rang the New Year in around the fire pit with Joy Wagons (who knew a cocktail mix of Mezcal, French wine and bubbly concocted in a bar in Birmingham, Alabama could be so tasty). Besides being super fun, the hike was a good way to set my intention for the year of connection.

Instead of making a full resolution, the new tradition I’m starting is having a word for the year. My 2018 word is connect. I want to connect people to the resources and ideas they need to meet their goals, I want to connect more to develop relationships with my favorite people and I want to connect more with nature.

To start this year out with connecting with nature, I’ve signed up for the 52 Hike Challenge to motivate me to hike once a week. Sign up with me or choose your own adventure like the  Hike it Baby 30 day challenge to help you connect and meet your goals for the year.

Regardless of what you choose to do to get out and enjoy outside the year, share with us:

What is your resolution of word for the year?
Where is your favorite place to hike with kids that we should check out this year?
Any suggestions on other fun cocktails to try this year (the mezcal was fun, but not for all seasons)?


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